Jordan’s Way Raises Thousands of Dollars in Just Hours for Banning Animal Shelter | Community

As part of a nationwide tour that ends in California, the nonprofit organization Jordan’s Way stopped by the Banning Animal Shelter on Wednesday to participate in an event to raise awareness and funds for the shelter, which is run by the non-profit organization ARE Animal Rescue, which runs Banning’s shelter.

During a Facebook Live event in which teams of volunteers were “imprisoned” in 20-minute segments in various kennels with dogs hoping to land forever, Jordan’s Way founder Kris Rotonda shed light on various animals and solicited pledges from participants.

The team that championed the highest donations had the opportunity to smear their opponents’ faces with pies.

In the first two hours of the event, Jordan’s Way had raised over $6,000 for ARE (pronounced “Ay Are Eee”, an acronym for “Amber Rescues Everything”) Animal Rescue to run Banning’s shelter.

The fundraiser will continue to accept donations for a full week, so if people missed the opportunity to come to the shelter during Wednesday’s event, they can still donate online, via the Facebook page. ‘ARE Animal Rescue, or in person at the shelter, 2242 Charles Rue de Banning.

Rotonda’s goal “is to get dogs adopted and show off each dog while raising money for rescue efforts,” said ARE founder Amber Schlieder. “We hope to make more space for our dogs, because the need in our community is so great, and he felt our mission was important enough” to visit.

“I appreciate his mission to educate those who are not often seen in public and I appreciate him coming to see us, because we are a new refuge – and for the community to know more about us: we are an organization without murder working to place hard-to-place dogs, and we are extremely grateful, Schlieder said.

Jordan’s Way volunteers visit two shelters a day and have campaigned in 50 states to provide basics for a compassionate community of pet parents.

Former Rotonda German Shepherd, Jordan, spent years in a shelter before discovering her. Since then, he has helped raise over $3 million for shelters across the country.

Jordan’s Way always tries to help organizations that are in more rural parts of the country and looks at animals that might be overlooked or overwhelmed, like Jordan’s dog was for many years before Kris adopted him , and that’s why he came to Banning, hoping to do the same here,” explained Kristen Skladd, publicist for Jordan’s Way, which is based in Tampa, Florida.