Karnataka to soon enforce cow slaughter ban law | bangalore

The Karnataka government is hatching the idea of ​​training sub-inspector level police officers to prevent animal cruelty and enforce the Cow Slaughter Ban Act.

Livestock Minister Prabhu B. Chavan said that “the government is considering training police sub-inspectors to prevent animal cruelty and enforce the Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act. “.

He held a meeting with the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board at Pasupalana Bhavan in Hebbal, Bengaluru on Monday.

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Cases are being recorded statewide under the Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act. But Minister Prabhu Chavan expressed his displeasure that illegal livestock traffickers and owners of illegal slaughterhouses are escaping punishment for failing to comply with the Prevention and Protection of Cattle Slaughtering Act 2020 during case registration.

Prabhu Chavan opined that “it is possible to effectively implement the Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act by training sub-inspector level police officers in each district to enforce the Prevention Act 2020. and the protection of the slaughter of cattle during registration of the FIR”.

The members brought to the minister’s attention that the names listed in the indictment were omitted, he said, “the police must be convinced that this law is being applied”.

Unauthorized slaughter, transport and storage of bovine cows in the state are not prevented.

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Chavan said, “will hold a meeting with the Home Secretary in light of the opinion received from members that the police department is cooperating in some areas, but in some areas they are not cooperating without registering an FIR despite the complaints”.

The Livestock Minister further added that the Karnataka Animal Welfare Board was established to prevent cruelty and violence against animals by effectively enforcing the cow slaughter ban law in the state.

All the agents and veterinarians of the department are working hard to prevent the slaughter of the cows. At the same time, he said it is possible to shut down illegal slaughterhouses and prevent the slaughter of cows only when the public cooperates.

He said that in order to facilitate the life of farmers and cattle herders, the health care of dumb animals is provided by well-equipped surgical vehicles for the preservation, care and health care of livestock.

Chavan added, “After becoming Minister of the Livestock Department, I was always involved in the protection of livestock by raising them, feeding them and protecting them from illegal slaughterhouses.”

Prabhu Chavan said: “the cow slaughter ban law, the establishment of an animal welfare council, the establishment of an animal helpline, a Goshala government in the district, the recruitment of 400 vet doctors and 250 junior vet inspectors, Gomata Cooperative Society, Punyakoti Adoption Project, The work of converting Goshalas into self-sufficient Goshalas is ongoing.”

On the same occasion, Minister Prabhu Chavan congratulated the new members. On this occasion Mahantesh Doddanagowda Patil, member of Kittur MLA Animal Welfare Committee, Department Secretary Salma K. Faheem, Director Dr. Manjunath Palegar and many others were present at the meeting.