Kearns Deserves the Key to the City – The Amarillo Pioneer

By Thomas Warren III, Editor

I was disappointed this week to see a post from a man I admire informing the Amarillo community that he will soon be leaving his point of service that has helped so many in Amarillo and saved countless lives. animals in our community.

On Monday, William C. Kearns, founder of KARTS – Kearns Animal Rescue Transportation Service, announced on Facebook that he would soon be retiring from animal rescue after many years of local service. Kearns mentioned that over the past few years the emotional toll of losing pets he cared about has become an increasingly heavy burden as a local rescue leader, citing this as one of the reasons why he left the rescue.

Kearns has undoubtedly been one of the strongest local voices in our community for animal rescue and encourages people to get more involved in animal rescue. He was also at the forefront of reforming our local animal welfare system to put more emphasis on non-killing, or adopting a policy of only using euthanasia at the shelter. for local animals only when absolutely necessary, as opposed to a liberal approach. euthanasia of animals passing through the shelter.

Even though he walks away, Kearns continues to defend this view and continues to make some very good points about this position. Just consider what he said in his Facebook post on Monday about this position.

“A border collie I adored by the name of Lexi (she was exactly like my Anna) was killed even though I asked all levels of rescue and even the city to help her,” Kearns wrote. “She finally had an interest in the rescue, but it was an hour too late. Just another innocent soul for the landfill west of town, a landfill full of mostly nameless ghosts. Only a city code and a yellow ID tag to even know they existed.

Kearns continues to explain why the current way of doing business at Animal Management & Welfare needs reform and why animal rescues should be at the forefront of change at Amarillo.

I have long admired what William Kearns and his organization have accomplished in Amarillo and all that he has given back to Amarillo. Kearns provided a service to Amarillo that he didn’t have to provide and wasn’t obligated to do, but he chose to become an animal rescue manager in Amarillo because it was the right thing. to do for our community.

There are few people who selflessly give back to this community without regard for profit, gain, or status, but William Kearns is one of those people. And Amarilloans should be eternally grateful for all he has done for this town.

I don’t know what the future of animal rescue will look like for Amarillo without Kearns’ active participation, but I can tell you this: he will leave some big shoes to fill. And it’s really a shame to see KARTS go away.

I know politicians love handing out meaningless awards and recognition every chance they get to put their name in the spotlight. Just consider that Tuesday was Paul McCartney Day in Fort Worth under a statement signed by the mayor. However, these awards are still sometimes given to highly deserving individuals who have made their community a better place to live. And I can’t think of anyone more deserving than Williams Kearns to be honored for his work at Amarillo.

I sincerely believe that William Kearns should be given a key to the city for his animal rescue work in our community and for being at the forefront of reforming our broken animal management system. Kearns is to be commended for his work and deserves recognition at the highest level. That’s why he deserves a key to the city and official recognition from our community leaders for his work.

If Mayor Nelson reads this article, I hope she will seriously consider offering a formal thank you to Kearns for his work. And other officials could also join, such as State Representatives Four Price and John Smithee, possibly proposing resolutions in recognition of Kearns and KARTS when the Texas Legislature meets again next year. next.

Hero is not a term that should be used loosely, but William Kearns is an Amarillo hero and a true leader for the changes our community needs. That is why he deserves our thanks and gratitude for his work.

Thank you, William Kearns and KARTS, for your work in making our city a better place. Your work will not be forgotten.