Keep an Open Mind When You Visit an Animal Shelter Pets

An animal shelter can be a fun place; better yet, an unexpected place. Things happen quickly and decisions sometimes have to be made in a hurry. It’s fast-paced, emotional, and the situations are unique as they involve living creatures, both animals and humans.

We love to participate in happy scenarios forever. Even in cases where animals arrive at our doors due to bad situations, they leave here better than they arrived. Most people have heard of a friend or family member coming to an animal shelter to meet a specific pet, but inexplicably being drawn elsewhere and ultimately adopting a pet they don’t care about. were not waiting.

For example, walking past a row of kennels to see a cat they saw online, but being gently patted on the shoulder by another cat as if to ask, “Hello, how about looking at me instead?” Funny, it happens with decent frequency, and I remember two situations this very week.

A nice couple came to MHS to meet a dog. However, this dog was not currently kept at MHS as he lived with a foster family. They got it right and then wanted to see what else we had available for adoption.

After meeting just two other dogs, they absolutely fell in love and adopted an amazing dog. It was fun to watch this process unfold as well, as the second dog they encountered walked into the room and immediately rested his head on the knees of the two future owners as if to say, “Pick me!” “