KFC drops C-bomb, finally talks about chicken welfare

KFC, a strong creative advertiser, is often pinned to its treatment of poultry, so its latest campaign seeks to showcase its improvements in this troubled space. He drops a huge campaign at a supposedly C-bomb-laden press conference with a bucket of bargains.

Launched on Friday July 23 on Channel 4, Mother’s campaign builds on fast food’s efforts to improve animal welfare on its sites. KFC UK & Ireland recently became the only company to achieve top status in World Animal Protection‘s Pecking Order 2021 report.

It is now using this market superiority to set itself apart from its competitors and make consumers think. Beyond the moral argument, KFC maintains that “serving quality chicken begins with high standards of animal welfare on farms and with sourcing birds that have had good lives.”

And that brings us to the countryside. When there was a shortage of chicken (demand is high after all), KFC issued an FCK. This time he’s leaning on a C-bomb. No, not that one. ‘Chicken’. KFC talking about chicken welfare is a big deal and will benefit from TV airtime and print as well as digital and social advertising. Going deeper into the subject, a content series titled Behind the Bucket highlights his attempts to address his broader social responsibility.

Jack Hinchliffe, Marketing Director at KFC UK & Ireland, says: “The welfare of the chicken is extremely important to us. Over the past few years we’ve been on a journey to raise standards and promote transparency, but we know we haven’t done a good enough job talking about the chicken front and their welfare. It will change.

The campaign recognizes a fault the company has not been as visible on welfare as it could have been. The intention is to communicate that he no longer sidesteps the problem.

Hinchcliffe concludes: ‘While we know there is a lot more to do with social assistance, we are incredibly proud of our progress so far and want everyone in the UK and Ireland to know about it. . “

In conclusion, James Ross-Edwards, Creative Director of Mother, said, “KFC’s commitment to chicken welfare is important, so we wanted to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. Plus, what an honor to drop the C-bomb on national television. “

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