Kidlington Brownie Draws Terrifying Pet Portraits at Fundraiser

A Brownie has raised over £180 for an animal sanctuary after selling terrible pet portraits.

Harriet Cotterill, 10, is in Year 5 at Edward Feild Primary School and is a member of First Kidlington Brownies.

The Brownie is a big fan of animals, especially after getting his dog Mia. So when it came to deciding which charity she would choose to help with her charity badge, the decision to help the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary was easy.

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While on a fundraising mission for the charity, Harriet first thought of doing a bake sale but wanted to do something a little different.

Her mum Jo came across some funny animal portraits by artist Hercules online and suggested Harriet try her hand at drawing pets.

At first Harriet wasn’t confident and worried that the photos wouldn’t be very good, but that’s when they had the idea to tell people that the drawings were going to be really terrible.

Ms Cotterill explained that Harriet is usually a perfectionist but has excelled with this new project.

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Oxford Mail:

She said: “She really likes to draw but gets easily frustrated because when she draws it doesn’t always go perfectly and she ends up erasing and throwing things away.

“But it was really good for her because she knew the design wasn’t supposed to be perfect, so it didn’t matter.”

Ms Cotterill launched a Facebook appeal for the horrific animal portraits with a suggested donation of £5. She said no one gave less than £5, with one woman donating £30 after she was so impressed by Harriet’s comic drawing of her sitting with her dogs.

Oxford Mail:

Friends and family were very enthusiastic and requests for his terrible pet drawings poured in. Now 18 drawings down, Harriet has raised £182 and counts towards the shrine.

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Ms Cotterill explained that for every coin or note donated, she collects it in a jar so Harriet can see how much money she is collecting.

Oxford Mail: Harriet and her dog Mia. Harriet and her dog Mia.

The couple will bring the pot of money to the shrine this week to deliver the donation in person.

Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary in Stadhampton on Watlington Road, welcomes around 500 animals each year and cares for 70-100 animals daily. Since the sanctuary opened in 1967, it has helped more than 27,500 animals find their forever homes.

The sanctuary said it is caring for up to 30 dogs, 60 cats and kittens and 15 to 20 rabbits at any one time. He also takes care of five goats, which are permanent guests.

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