Knox Co. man attacked by dogs worries about their return to his neighborhood

A court classified them as level 1 dogs, which means the owner must follow certain rules, but can keep the dogs in their neighborhood.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — Two Rottweilers are back in Adam Slack’s neighborhood after attacking him and his dog.

Slack said he was walking his dog, Lucy, when the two Rottweilers came up to him. He said they grabbed Lucy from either side and separated her. Slack said when he tried to jump in and save Lucy, the dogs came after him.

Eventually, animal control officers came to the West Knox County neighborhood of Slack and took the two dogs to the Young-Williams Animal Center, according to a report from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The dog’s owner pleaded guilty to owning a Level 1 dangerous dog. According to the court order, the owner must keep his dogs indoors or behind a fence on a leash when they are not on their property, and dogs must attend an obedience course.

Animal control will need to periodically check the home to make sure the dog’s owner is following all rules, per the Knox County ordinance. Otherwise, they can be fined up to $50.

Slack said he felt trapped, like there was nothing he could do to prevent the next attack.

“If it’s a kid getting hurt next time, I’m going to feel guilty,” Slack said. “You’re sure it’s going to happen again. There’s nothing you can do about it but wait.”

He said Lucy was better now, but it took two weeks of treatment at the vet to get her better. Slack said he was still dealing with the trauma of the event and was seeing a therapist.

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