LA animal shelters approaching capacity, urging Angelinos to adopt or foster

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Animal service officials in Los Angeles are urgently looking for Angelinos to adopt or welcome a pet. According to Animal Services, all of their six shelters are nearly full.

“Our center can accommodate around 1,700 animals. I think right now that’s the population and around 1,000 of them are dogs,” said Agnes Sibal-Von Debschitz, head of the public information at Animal Services. “Over the past couple of months we’ve actually seen news stories about people abandoning their pets because they went back to work and that hasn’t been the case for us here at LA Animal Services. “

According to Animal Services, some of the reasons for the increase in animal numbers are that owners are abandoning their animals because they are moving or it is a lost animal that has been turned into a shelter.

“A lot of times when they get lost, they’re usually just within their community,” Sibal-Von Debschitz said. “We encourage people to use flyers or to use Nextdoor.”

Adoption appointments are only required for weekday visits. No appointment is necessary for weekend tours.

LA Animal Services also has a hospitality program.

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