Lancaster Farm Sanctuary helps remove 300 farm animals from stockpiling conditions in Perry County | News

Organizations in Lancaster County and elsewhere have removed hundreds of animals from stacking conditions on a farm in Perry County, a representative from the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary said.

Over the course of two weeks, organizations including Lancaster Farm Sanctuary have transported around 300 animals to hospitals and are working to provide them with medical care, food, water and temporary shelter, Sarah Salluzzo said. , co-founder and executive director of Lancaster Farm. Sanctuary.

The organization is now working to care for the animals and find them permanent homes, she added.

When the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and its partners arrived at the farm, organizers found scores of animals dead, starving or infested with lice, mites and internal parasites. The farm was covered in garbage and infested with rodents, Salluzzo said.

The groups declined to name the farm.

The Lancaster Farm Sanctuary is home and temporarily cares for 22 of the farm animals, including 16 goats and six birds, at their Mount Joy facility. Lancaster Farm Sanctuary has handled most of the critical cases, Salluzzo said.

“I thought a few of them would die the first night of being here,” Salluzzo said. “But they’re all still alive, and they’re actually improving.”

The farm animal situation was first reported to another Pennsylvania farm rescue nonprofit, Huckleberry Trails Animal Sanctuary, in Shermans Dale, Perry County.

These organizations led the rescue efforts alongside Animal Rescue Inc. of New Freedom, York County, and Timber Ridge Animal Sanctuary in Spring Grove, York County. The organizations also sent some of the neglected animals to about 15 farm sanctuaries, including the New York-based Woodstock Sanctuary and the New Jersey-based Freedom Farm Animal Rescue.

“It’s been exhausting and at the same time it’s just amazing,” said Salluzzo. “Funny, I literally said… we’re going to try to take it slow at Christmas because it’s been so crazy this year, and then like the next day we got notified, and so it’s just a marathon. But I’m really proud of what we’re doing. … Even though this is not what we envisioned for our vacation, there is no more Christmas than that.

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