‘Let them try to counter us’: Misha says OG are done trying to counter TI11 teams

Throughout the 2021-2022 DPC season, OG has been working to unlock a new generation of Dota 2.

Building a roster packed with young players to kick off the organization’s rebuild proved to be the right choice from the start, as OG’s new core quickly exceeded all expectations and qualified for The International 2022 at the during his first year.

OG finished the TI11 group stage with a ticket to the upper bracket, but they were instantly sent to the lower bracket by Tundra Esports. This drop meant an uphill battle for OG, although they soon changed their approach after Tundra awakened.

Following the team 2-1 win against Gaimin GladiatorsOG captain Mikhail “Misha” Agatov explained how the team adjusted their mindset so quickly, noting that it was mostly about caring more about playing their style of play. dota.

“We prepared all night to counter Visage and Broodmother against Tundra,” Misha said. “We were ready to destroy Tundra’s strategies, but realized our draft wasn’t an OG draft featuring OG heroes.”

While trying to counter the enemy, OG realized that they had lost their team identity, which is unusual for such a unique organization and team of players. Both iterations of OG have been teams that others have been looking to counter, and Misha mentioned that this will again be their approach to their next series.

OG had a Naga Siren in both matches they won against GG, with the hero splitting time between Taiga first and then Yuragi, showing the overall flexibility of OG’s approach.

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Since Naga Siren was played as a support in the first game, Misha felt like GG was preparing to face a Naga Siren support in the third game. After the realization, Misha decided to throw a curveball at GG by giving Naga Siren to Yuragi as GG’s draft was not fit to deal with the slight curveball and proved that this change in strategy worked.

“We should make them counter us, not the other way around,” Misha said. “Now this is our approach moving forward. We won’t go against anyone anymore. They try to counter us.

The streak against GG wasn’t all OG smoke and mirrors, as they let BOOM manhandle them with Storm Spirit in the second game, which Misha expressed regret for not banning the hero while praising the GG’s ability to play to their strengths.

With GG in the rearview mirror, OG is set to face off against another Western European in Team Liquid to see who will finish in the top six and continue their TI11 run.