Letter: City of Tulsa and Oklahoma Must Do More to Protect Animals | Letters to the Editor

After a week of trying to save a puppy that ended up on the streets of Tulsa, here’s what I learned.

The many animal rescues are doing the job the city of Tulsa refuses to do. The Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter is so overwhelmed and understaffed that it can barely maintain human standards of care.

The elected suits in Oklahoma City failed to see the desperation and grief I witnessed that week.

Where are the laws that actually protect animals? Why is money wasted in Tulsa and Oklahoma as the voiceless suffer?

Our poor pound is an embarrassment.

Please I know there are so many needs but have your voice heard for Mayor of Tulsa GT Bynum. It is their responsibility to have adequate staff to deal with these animal problems.

Make your voice heard with our government representatives. Enough animals treated as disposable goods.

They are living creatures who breathe with feelings. You elect, have you no compassion?

Please adopt, do not buy, sterilize and sterilize your animals.

Editor’s Note: In 2018, Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum proposed a plan to reform the city’s animal welfare system. In June, Tulsa city council approved a handful of animal ordinances. In August, Tulsa-based GH2 Architects were selected to design a new shelter, a $ 4.7 million project funded by the voter-approved Improve Our Tulsa tax program.