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The Saving Grace Animal Society near Alix is ​​in trouble as the number of animals in distress increases while donations and adoptions have slowed.

Through the ongoing Brick by Brick campaign, the Society has also attempted to raise funds to build a private veterinary clinic right next to its current shelter.

With a goal of $ 500,000 in place, they have so far raised $ 290,000 to date, but the donations have stopped, said Amanda McClughan, director of development for the Company.

And with the increase they are seeing in medical remittances, their bank account is at its lowest since last year, she said, adding that it was a scary time not only for the Company but for the company as well. animals in need of assistance.

“We have had this huge increase in medical cases with a lot of animals that we have been hosting lately, she said. It is even to the point where the room for healthy animals is very limited because there are so many sick animals to care for.

“A lot of the animals we take in afterwards have medical problems, so much so that if we don’t take them in, it’s life and death for them. These (cases) are at an all time high, ”she said, adding that of course the financial impact on the Company is huge as well.

“We have also noticed how the donations are simply lower. “

In the meantime, staff launched a Community Brick fundraiser for the month of October to encourage people to come together to fundraise by donating any denomination.

More specifically, thanks to the Thanks for Giving Community Brick campaign, they hope to reach a goal of $ 20,000 by the end of October.

There are also ongoing fundraisers for people to support, such as the Flight Giveaway with WestJet raffle.

To be won, a flight, a hotel voucher and $ 500 in cash.

“Sales for this are much slower than they were last year when we did it,” she said, noting that continued uncertainty about pandemic restrictions was a factor.

And unfortunately, a benefit evening that was scheduled for November 6 in Lacombe had to be canceled.

“I think a lot of other rescues are in the same kind of situation as well,” she said, referring to the increase in demand and the decrease in financial aid.

“It looked like at the start of this year it was normal numbers. And at one point in the summer, the pace was even slower. And then September hit, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing and requests are coming in every day. I would say that some days we refuse about 20 animals, ”she said.

She also explained that there is also an increase in the number of incoming neglected animals.

“A lot of the animals we welcome are cases where something has happened to them and they haven’t been helped.

“So the situation has progressed to a point where it is now a serious medical case instead of something that could have been simply treated had it been detected just as it happened.”

McClughan said the need for a new vet clinic is more urgent than ever as the rescue is heading to vet clinics several times a week and their partner vet is no longer able to keep up with the demand as their growth is growing. so important.

Those who wish to offer support can go to www.savinggracecanada.com/store/thanks or www.savinggracecanada.com/store/brickbybrick.

Rescue is also continually looking for companies and sponsors to partner with.

Those interested in doing so are requested to contact McClughan at [email protected]

Founded in 2018, Saving Grace Animal Society operates the refuge in Alix as well as an offsite sanctuary for the rescue and recovery of animals of all sizes.

The Society also works with trainers, veterinary staff and volunteers to rehabilitate animals to ensure that each animal receives a “saving grace” and the opportunity of a new home and a life filled with love.

With over 3,000 adoptions and 15 major rescue missions to date, the Society relies solely on a donation-based operating budget.

And its services aren’t limited to the immediate area – since its inception, Saving Grace has been the “go-to company” for 24/7 emergency calls, rescuing animals from across Alberta and across the country. Saskatchewan.

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