Local animal rescue sees spike in pet intake from COVID victims

EL PASO, Texas — With more than 3,000 Covid-19 deaths in El Paso alone, thousands of Borderland animals have lost their owners.

According to Law N’ Paws, there has been an increase in requests for admission to local shelters, which has resulted in overcrowding.

A spokeswoman for the shelter said that since the start of the pandemic, they have seen a sharp increase in requests for admission from owners who are sick and can no longer care for their pets on their own.

Spokeswoman Daniela Ward also said many people have lost their jobs and cannot afford to keep their pets.

She said it’s important to have a plan B, especially at a time when things are uncertain.

“Unfortunately, we consider our dogs to be members of our family, but the law considers them property,” Ward said. “O if you ask someone to take care of your pet once you pass, a trust would help that person take care of your pet, that would be the best case scenario.”

Ward said the shelter was overcapacity with more than 60 dogs inside.

In a place that is normally lucky enough to place 1 animal in a house per month, it is now even more difficult to obtain this.

“Obviously with the pandemic, a lot of people’s jobs were in trouble,” Ward said. “They cling to the money a lot more. That means less donations for us, less blankets, less food. Also, with these adoptions, a lot fewer people want to adopt because of the financial responsibility that comes with it. .”

You can donate to pets at PetSmarts located in Joe Battle and Montana.