Local animal shelters and organizations in need of foster families

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Many local animal shelters and organizations are looking for foster families to take in animals.

The Oswego County SPCA does not have a shelter to put their animals in, so they depend on foster families to help care for them until they find a forever home. SPCA President Tanya Semchenko said the pandemic is part of the reason they’re seeing more animals coming in. “This year has been quite overwhelming for the relief community.” She adds: “You know in 2020 when everyone was housebound a lot of people adopted animals and it was wonderful, however I think some took in animals not knowing what the overwhelming responsibility would be. of that.”

The pandemic has also affected other regions. “They adopted puppies and kittens and there were no spaying services available. For part of COVID, sterilization was not seen as a necessity, so sterilization clinics should not open and when they could, it was very limited.

Semchenko says the number of animals they take in has skyrocketed. “In 2019 again we are a foster based organisation, we took in I think 80 animals in total. In 2020 we were shocked I think we did between 125 and 150. Last year we did 300 and as of July 1st we are at 200 which means we are on track to do between 400 and 450.

Delivering them to a shelter is expensive for everyone. “When you entrust them to a shelter, it is traumatic and destabilizing. Cats, however, when they enter a shelter all they have known is the love and care of a home and when they die out they go into a state of severe depression, they often stop eating.

She therefore asks people to open their hearts and their homes. “Everything one person can do, one animal a year even makes an incredible difference in that animal’s life.”

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