Local News: Plymouth County Cats and Dogs Find Shelter (12/8/21)

(Photo provided) An open house is scheduled for this Saturday, December 11 at the new Wet-Nose Rescue animal shelter pictured above. This view is from the north side. The entrance to the open house will be in the west.

PLYMOUTH CO. ?? Homeless cats and dogs in Plymouth County will have better luck, thanks to a new animal shelter. Wet-Nose Rescue will be hosting an open house at the new refuge from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday, December 11.

Wet-Nose Rescue voted unanimously on Nov. 1 to rent a building on the southern outskirts of Le Mars for a county-wide animal shelter.

During the open day, children will have the chance to bring their dog or cat and sit with Santa for a photo. Santa’s friend Snowflake will also be present. Parents are asked to bring their camera to capture the moment.

(Photos provided) Members of the Wet-Nose Rescue Board rally around plans for a new shelter. Members are, from left to right, President Angel Anderson, Secretary Lola Fitch, Vice President Jason Roskilly, Board Member Joan Thomas, Treasurer Mary Valentine and Members David and Rachel Westergard.

Free food and fun will fill the afternoon for all ages. The Wet-Nose Gift Shop will debut.

Visits to the refuge are planned.

The organization will begin renting the building this month, in December, but the shelter will not be open to homeless cats and dogs until state requirements are met. The shelter is to serve homeless animals throughout the county.

A large grassed area on the south side of the refuge will provide an exercise area for the dogs. The building, located at 1327 Hawkeye Ave. SE, south of the former Hobby Haven, is a former airport hangar.

Wet-Nose Rescue, Plymouth County Shelter and Adoption, began July 15, 2019. Since then, the group has participated in outreach events across the county to raise awareness of homeless animals and raise funds for their care.

Wet-Nose Chairman Angel Anderson said of the move to acquire shelter space, ?? Our goal of having a shelter in Plymouth County to support our own county animals in need is coming together. It has been an incredible blessing to work on and see growing over the past year. With the acquisition date of December 1, the excitement reached awe-inspiring proportions as the community learned of the news.

She also noted the following features in the new shelter: a reception room, rooms for dogs and cats to house pets for adoption, facilities for bathing and animal care, storage facilities and on-site laundry facilities, meeting rooms, and a gift shop with product to help support the shelter.

An anonymous donor stepped forward just hours before the Wet-Nose vote on November 1 and offered a gift of $ 25,000, which will be matched by the end of the year.

Jim and Roxie Anderson of The Mars also stepped up their efforts ahead of the vote by immediately pledging $ 5,000 for the shelter. They were named ?? Friends of the wet nose of the year ?? in July 2021, when they also organized the second edition of the “Wet-Nose Garden Party”.

All donations will be used to operate the shelter according to state licensing standards. The funds will also be used for monthly rental expenses and for animal care.

Anyone wishing to make a donation of any size should send their contribution to: Wet-Nose Rescue, PO Box 454, Le Mars, Iowa 51031, or bring the donation to the open house.

The officers of the Wet-Nose Board, in addition to Anderson, are: Vice-Chairman, Jason Roskilly; secretary, Lola Fitch; and treasurer, Mary Valentine. The other members of the board are Joan Thomas, David Westergard and Rachel Westergard. Jen Pratt is a candidate for the board of directors. All are from the March region, but new board members are needed in all parts of the county.

Wet-Nose volunteer Judy Bowman of Le Mars said the group was impatient with the long wait to find shelter. Then, when the perfect location appeared, the group were delighted that owner Kyle Klein would renovate the building and turn it into a safe, air-conditioned area for cats and dogs.

Bowman said: ?? So that everything comes to a settlement on All Saints’ Day ?? The day of November 1, 2021 seemed so fitting because our group had many beloved pets and support people before us after showing their love for the rescue cause. It seemed like the perfect day to take the step of faith. ??

Anyone wishing to volunteer with Wet-Nose Rescue can call Anderson at 540-5919 or Fitch at 539-0094. Finally, volunteers will be needed for the shelter staff.