Magoffin County officials hold public forum to recruit help for animal shelter

SALYERSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – Magoffin County authorities are taking initiatives to help animals in need.

“What could be nicer than helping animals that don’t have a home? said Maryanne Wheatley. “And they’re very nice and you can bond with them and hope they have a real family.”

Magoffin County Executive Judge Matt Wireman convened a public forum on Thursday in hopes of attracting new volunteers like Wheatley and others.

“I see a lot of stray animals on the side of the road all the time every time I walk past and it makes me sad to see this because I don’t think an animal should have to live on the street,” Wheatley said. .

The shelter, located next to the county recycling center, is at full capacity with 14 dogs and eight cats. As funds dry up, community members step in to fill the void.

“I think it would be good for this community to have one person, to help raise more awareness and for people to care more about their animals and their pets, said Wheatley.

Magoffin County Executive Judge Matt Wireman said once people walk through the doors of the tax courtroom, the focus will remain on animals and their safety.

“An animal shelter is not something you can say, we’ll be working on it tomorrow,” Wireman said. “You have to work on it every day or it can become a mess. “

Wireman hopes to see more helping hands when he makes the volunteer request available on the court’s website.

“Hopefully there will be enough volunteers that they overlap in trying to help at the animal shelter,” Wireman said.

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