Meet ‘Sable’, the newest employee of UMC children’s hospital | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – The University Medical Center Children’s Hospital welcomed a new institutional dog to its team last week.

Brian Payne, chief medical officer at UMC Children’s Hospital, said Sable, the golden retriever who is the quarter poodle, is the area’s premier settlement dog and his goal is to help patients to relax.

“From our perspective, it’s very common to see these children go through a very stressful time as they receive a new diagnosis which can be difficult or even receive new therapies which can be difficult to understand.

“Sand comes in and interacts with them, calms them down and even helps them understand what this process looks like differently,” Payne said.

The UMC said Sable’s training was funded by the UMC 30 Minute Club and the UMC Foundation. UMC said they were grateful to PetSmart at Canyon West and Live Oak Animal Center for providing resources to Sable.

Hannah Boyd, a certified children’s life specialist and manager at Sable, said Sable has already been able to help children feel more comfortable over the past week in the hospital.

“Our kids who are really hesitant to talk, they’ll talk to Sable,” Boyd said. “Our kids who are about to have surgery, they want Sable over there.”

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