Montgomery Co. Animal Resource Center Encourages Dog Licensing

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — It’s that time of year again for pet owners to get their dogs fired. At the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, dog licensing events are held throughout January to encourage people to meet this annual legal requirement.

“It’s just a metal tag, it has a number, looks like a rabies tag basically. I just got an ID number. You register your dog, you fill out this little form, it goes to the verifier, you can even fill it out online, and it all goes into a little database,” said PIO Michael Zimmerman of the Montgomery County Business Center.

Zimmerman says the cost for a dog that is spayed or spayed is $20, but jumps to $24 for unmodified dogs. “Ohio law sets the official licensing season from December 1 through January 31. Outside this period, prices double.

Although the dog license is required by law, Montgomery County Communications Specialist Kara Hamby says the license also provides an added level of convenience for owners and their dogs. “If your dog were to get lost and end up at the shelter, you want to have it because otherwise anyone could come in and say it’s my dog.”

Kamby says the license also helps local animal shelters, due to constant overcrowding. “We want to reserve this space for animals that really need it. Those who don’t have a home. Those who are sick and injured.

The next Montgomery County dog ​​licensing events will be at the West Carrollton Civic Center on January 20 from 5-7 p.m., then again at the Kettering Police Department on January 21 from 2-6 p.m.