More than 100,000 professionals earn the Fear Free designation

Certification helps veterinarians and pet professionals prevent and relieve pet stress, fear and anxiety

Fear Free, LLC, announced that more than 100,000 veterinarians and companion animal professionals have earned the Fear Free Certified professional designation. Through certification, these professionals can help prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in animals.

“Reaching this incredible milestone is a testament to the scale of the adoption of Fear Free education and certification by those in the animal care industry,” said Ruth Garcia, CEO of Fear Free, in an organizational statement.1 “As we continue to grow the ecosystem of Certified Fearless Professionals, more pets and pet owners will benefit from greater access to Fearless Care.”

According to the press release,1 Since 2016, Fear Free has provided over 248,000 veterinary professionals, companion animal professionals, animal welfare staff and volunteers, and pet owners with online training. Under these programs, veterinary professionals, animal trainers, pet sitters, groomers, and pet boarding and daycare providers have the opportunity to complete the desired certification program and sign fearless commitment. The commitment is to uphold a humane and emotionally protective code of conduct and an ethical standard of care and professionalism.

“Putting the emotional well-being of pets first was the founding principle of Fear Free,” said Marty Becker, DVM, founder of Fear Free. “I commend each of these amazing professionals for their dedication to protecting the health and happiness of animals and making this milestone possible.”


More than 100,000 professionals have pledged to prioritize the emotional well-being of pets with Fear Free certification. Press release. Fearless, LCC. September 22, 2022. Accessed September 26, 2022.