Netflix sued by Ace Ventura producers for footage used in Tiger King

Netflix’s insane true crime drama King tiger has been mired in controversy since debuting on the streamer last year. But things are about to get worse, as Morgan Creek Productions, the production company behind Jim Carrey-starrer Ace Ventura movies, Netflix continued and King tiger producers for copyright infringement. Apparently, King tiger images used from Ace Ventura: when nature calls without authorization.

Hollywood journalist first broke that story, and according to the outlet, the lawsuit claims that two short clips of As Ventura 2, starring Jim Carrey, were used “without permission or license.” One clip shows Carrey’s titular protagonist with a “monkey wrapped around his neck and shoulders”, and the other shows him “triumphantly riding an elephant”. These clips are only 5 seconds of screen, but the problem is that Netflix and King tiger the production company Goode Films used them illegally for their profit.


Morgan Creek alleges that these clips helped “improve the commercial value of Tiger King” and were viewed by “audiences of literally millions of viewers – many more than once, multiplying the damage to MCP – while knowing or having reason to know of the use of the counterfeit Clips was without authorization, content or license. ”

The lawsuit further states: “Leaving no doubt as to the source, a dubbed voice identifies such a film as Ace Ventura, at the exact moment the infringing clips appear on screen. Plantiff is informed and believes, and then alleges, that ‘Ace Ventura is the only film used in Tiger King where more than one clip appears. ”

Morgan Creek Productions is also not happy with King tiger using extracts from Ace Ventura to try to add “lightness”. The clips are used for a comedic effect to show how wild animals are often used in Hollywood movies, and Morgan Creek claims this gives Jim Carrey movies a bad impression. Ace Ventura loves animals, while most of the characters in King tiger are infamous for their despicable treatment of animals. “The series was filled with sordid tales of animal abuse, bulky guns and a pipe-dreaming run for president. Most importantly, the program followed a murder-for-pay plot targeting a competing animal sanctuary owner. , hated by Joe Exotic, and considered a threat to his empire of “big cats”, “says the lawsuit.

Interestingly, Morgan Creek tried to fix the issue with Netflix and King tiger producers directly, but to no avail. The company is now seeking legal damages totaling $ 300,000 as well as attorney fees and a permanent ban on King tiger to use any other footage owned by Morgan Creek.

King tiger is a crime documentary series that follows the exploits of Oklahoma zookeeper Joe Exotic and his feud with animal rights activist Carole Baskin. The feud culminated with the hiring of contract killers by Exotic to kill Baskin, for which he was convicted and sentenced to prison. Season 3 of King Tiger, title The story of Doc Antle, is currently streaming on Netflix. To give King tiger a watch if you’re in the mood for some bonkers real crime drama.

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