New animal shelter designed for furry friends

By KTBS staff

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MARSHALL, Texas (KTBS) – There has been significant construction work in Marshall.

But on this site, the foreman general is also the chief of police, and this installation will not hold hardened criminals. Instead, furry occupants will be looking for a new home.

“We will have the medical room here and then this is where we will keep them,” Police Chief Cliff Carruth said as he walked into the new shelter.

The new Marshall Pet Adoption Center goes to dogs, literally.

“Our current facility is one of the oldest in the entire state of Texas still in operation, so we decided to open this one. We had to organize fundraisers, ”Carruth said.

The new adoption center is located just off East Travis Street in Marshall. The building is specially designed to make the process of handling, cleaning and feeding the animals as easy as possible.

Each stall has its own exit to the outside and a constant airflow from the fans above. For the chef, who also happens to be an animal lover, getting a new facility after 55 was desperately needed.

“The main thing for me is to get all of our public and private entities to get these puppies up for adoption,” Carruth said.

A large open room will be used to help people and their animals spend time together before returning home.

“The purpose of this building is to make sure that Marshall’s animals can become adoptable in our city, as we have to send them to different shelters from the northeast to the southeast and other areas. We have to do it because we have so many that the current shelter cannot handle it, ”said Jasmine Rios, communications coordinator at Marshall.

Last year the contract to build the new facility was awarded to architect Billy Ballow and Barry & Clay Construction and that’s where the money comes from to build it:

Town of Marshall – $ 900,000 County of Harrison – $ 250,000 Public Donations – $ 450,000 Total: $ 1.6 million

“It shows that here in Marshall, we care about our pets here in our city. There is also massive community support on our past projects and I just want to thank the citizens who came out and showed their support for this project to start and end soon, I hope, ”said Rios.

Barring “paws” in the construction process, pets should begin moving into the new Marshall Pet Adoption Center before summer is over.

City officials hope the community in and around the city will continue to stop and find a new friend.

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