New book tells ‘fascinating and personal’ story of creation of forest sanctuary in Karnataka

New Delhi: A new delivered written by a Native American woman tells the “deeply fascinating and inspiring personal story” behind the establishment of a private wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

Published by Penguin India, “From the Heart of Nature” by Pamela Gale Malhotra will be released on January 25 on Softcover, ThePrint’s online site for launching non-fiction books.

Presenting the book as a tale of the “struggles” and “hurdles”, “sorrows and joys” and “awe-inspiring wonders and experiences” that she and her late husband, Anil, faced while creating and operations of Save Animals Sanctuary Initiative (SAI) in Kodagu, Karnataka, Malhotra writes that the sanctuary is dedicated to Mother Nature.

She describes the sanctuary as a brainchild of Native American and Indian culture coming together to preserve an environment “ravaged” and “decimated” by “illegal logging and poaching”.

The couple first bought 55 acres of barren land for the sanctuary in 1991. Today it is a “treasure trove” of “native trees and plants” as well as a haven for various endangered and endangered animal species, thanks to restoration efforts and conservation involved, Penguin said in a statement.

As part of the story, Malhotra also details the mindset behind his efforts to establish the sanctuary, maintaining “physical and spiritual” connections with animals and trees, and how nature preservation is essential. to save humanity.

Born in New Jersey of Native American descent, Pamela Gale Malhotra, a graduate of Colorado State University, developed her ” love story “ with the natural world by spending the majority of his childhood in the forests around his family estate.

Prior to their move to Karnataka and the fulfillment of a “childhood dream”, the couple had set up and operated a wildlife sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii. For her work with the SAI Shrine, Malhotra has received numerous awards, such as the Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2017.

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