New Dog Mystery Tale Educates Readers About The Importance Of Finding Lifelong Rescue Dogs

Carolynn Tucciarone takes readers on an exciting adventure in “Spot on: Mystery at the Dog Rescue”

AUSTIN, Texas, September 20, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “Spot On: Mystery at the Dog Rescue” by Carolynn Tucciarone is the exciting first installment in her Spot On mystery series that follows Lynn, a dog rescue volunteer, and her gang of loving canine fur babies as they go through unprecedented situations and solve classic capers. The book educates readers about rescuing alien dogs and ultimately emphasizes the importance of finding a forever home to rescue dogs.

The story begins as Lynn discovers unusual activity around the shelter and is horrified to discover that a few of the rescue dogs have gone missing. Police investigate and together they uncover a connection between the Chinese Mafia and illegal dog markets. As the mystery unfolds, tensions rise and two Chinese mobsters are found dead. Lynn tries to keep her head up during these unimaginable times and continues to advocate for the rescue of the dogs. With the help of her team, family and friends, Lynn is organizing a fundraiser to raise money for the shelter and find homes for the furry babies.

“I am an avid reader and during confinement due to the pandemic, I decided to contribute to the world of reading using my experiences I gained from volunteering in a rescue and my subsequent trip to China, said Tucciarone.

Throughout the story, readers learn how important it is for these special dogs to have a forever home, and are educated on how to rescue alien dogs. Tucciarone continues to entertain readers with its alluring dog rescue mysteries in “Spot On: Chaos at the Dog Rescue”, “Spot On: Canine Babies at the Rescue” and “Spot On: Canines on a Cruise”. The fun mysteries of the Tucciarone dogs will appeal to all animal lovers around the world.

“Spot On: Mystery at the Dog Rescue”
Through Carolynn Tucciarone
ISBN: 9781665706315 (soft cover); 9781665706308 (electronic)
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Archway Edition

About the Author
Carolynn Tucciarone is an avid reader, animal lover and dog rescue volunteer. She is passionate about rescuing animals and rescued a bull terrier named Spot. His Spot On series is inspired by his experiences volunteering during a dog rescue and his subsequent trips to China. Tucciarone currently resides in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

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