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One of the challenges that all nonprofits face is securing the necessary funding to pursue their worthy cause. But Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment (PACT) has found a way around this challenge. This solution is Blockchain technology. Thanks to Bear Buddies, an interactive blockchain virtual adoption game, PACT will be able to generate the funds needed to save and care for animals.

PACT is a female-run nonprofit animal welfare organization that started in March 2012. It was founded by three women, Neeri, Deshnee and Candice, who couldn’t sit idly by after seeing the plight of abandoned animals in the community. The organization saves, sterilizes, rehabilitates and relocates abused, neglected, stray and abandoned animals. Like all such nonprofits, which are run by women of color, funding was a challenge. But that hasn’t stopped PACT from helping and saving more than 50,000 animals.

The organization doesn’t just save, rehabilitate and rehouse the animals, it also feeds them. It is a pro-quality of life organization and works through school awareness programs to end the cycle of animal abuse. Animal sterilization stops the breeding problem and ensures fewer abandoned animals. It also feeds hundreds of animals daily in underprivileged communities where people own pets but barely have enough to feed themselves, let alone their animals.

Beyond that, they also run the Bear Necessities Sanctuary, an animal shelter program for animals in need of a new home. At any given time, there are approximately 60 animals for adoption. All of these animals need homes forever, and PACT aims to provide them.

Considering all the multiple projects of the organization, funding is very important. But the organization has mainly relied on donations and personal contributions from members for several years. With blockchain technology, PACT is redefining the model to secure the funds needed to continue to advocate for animal welfare. At the heart of its blockchain approach are the Bear Buddies.

Bear buddies

Bear Buddies is adoption game that makes you feel like you are adopting a pet in real life. It works just like adopting a pet in real life, except your pet is in the metaverse. When adopting a pet in the game you have to do everything that a real pet owner will do. This includes:

  1. Buying food for your boyfriend
  2. Feed them when they are hungry
  3. Clean up after them
  4. Buy toys and accessories for them
  5. Give them medical treatment when they are not feeling well
  6. Play with your friends

The Bear Buddies game was inspired by Bear, an exemplary dog ​​rescued by PACT. Despite all the adversities Bear has faced, she remains courageous. Bear is blind and recently diagnosed with cancer. Yet, she survived and overcome all of these challenges while living a full life. His courage and desire to live a full life inspires everyone, which is why the organization models its NFT after Bear. Hence the Bear NFT slogan – Be Bold! Be brave! Be a bear!

On Bear Buddies, players can adopt as many Buddies as they want, and the pets available are of different species. There are several Adopted levels in the game, and the higher you are, the more cash you can adopt. The ultimate level is dragons, and players climb higher based on the number of buddies they adopt and the tasks they complete. This game aims to give people an experience of what it means to own a pet to encourage more real adoption. He seeks to drive the #adoptdontshop concept of the organization.

What is the next

With the model at Bear Necessities Sanctuary, PACT hopes to see other NGOs and NPOs adopt it to get the funding they need for their worthy causes. With this, wellness spaces in South Africa, Africa and around the world can continue to function. PACT aims to collaborate with other NPOs and share the benefits of the Bear Buddies game with them.

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