Peacock for adoption at Kent County Animal Shelter after no claim is made

Would you like a pet peacock? Pete is up for adoption at Kent County Animal Shelter!

Last week we told you the unusual bird was found roaming Kentwood and since then, the refuge has been looking for its owners.

The Kent County Animal Shelter shared Pete’s photo on Facebook on Friday, saying the magnificent bird was found in the SE Poinsetta area.

According to WZZM-13, no one has claimed the beautiful peacock yet. And so, after more than four days at the shelter, he was put up for adoption.

Pete would be about a year old.

Angela Hollinshead, director of the Kent County Animal Shelter Division, recounts WZZM-13,

We see them around and there are people who really love them. They are a bit more difficult to maintain than your backyard hens, they tend to fly … they tend to get lost quite easily.

Maybe that’s exactly how Pete the peacock got away from his owners.

Well, if you know someone who has lost their peacock or if you want to adopt Pete, you can call KCAS at 616-632-7300 or email [email protected]

Note, if you are thinking of adopting Pete, be aware that apparently peacocks are loud – I had no idea! Hollinshead says tells WZZM-13 they “sound like a dinosaur”. Now I personally think that makes them even cooler – but if you have neighbors who live nearby they * might * feel differently.

Here is a video I found of a peacock’s “roar”. What do you think they look like? I hear rather a monkey / goose / gurgling cry.

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