Petaluma leads nationwide campaign to draw attention to the plight of senior dogs


For the third year in a row, Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, a Petaluma-based nonprofit rescue organization dedicated to saving large breed senior dogs in California, will partner with senior dog rescue organizations across in the United States to present Saving Senior Dogs The Week.

From October 25 to 31, the week-long national social media campaign, founded by Alice Mayn, executive director of Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary, aims to raise funds and raise awareness of the struggles that homeless senior dogs endure and the joys of adopting them.

“There is a perception that older dogs are more difficult to adopt, especially those who have been traumatized earlier in their lives,” Mayn said in a telephone interview. “I wanted to educate the public and bring the senior dog rescues together to let people know they’re out there. I also hope to encourage other people to start rescues of the elderly, as more of us need to be. “

There are over 10,000 animal rescue organizations nationwide, but less than 50 of them are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehousing of senior dogs.

As part of Saving Senior Dogs Week, 28 rescues will participate in a nationwide social media campaign, sharing images, videos and stories about senior dogs. After two successful years, Mayn is hopeful this year attracts more attention and donations to the cause, especially as the pandemic has dramatically increased the number of animals abandoned due to the financial crisis.

In addition to sharing stories of senior dogs, the week will highlight the network of rescues across the country.

“I often get calls from across the country from people who can no longer babysit their senior dog,” Mayn said. “I also get calls from people who want senior dogs, so now I’ve built a network so that every senior dog can get the love and care they need. Just yesterday, a woman from North Carolina called me to ask about an older dog rescue closer to her, and I was happy because I could hook her up with one.

Seventy-five percent of the fundraising proceeds will be split evenly among participating senior dog rescue organizations. The remaining 25% of the funds will go to the Saving Senior Dogs grant fund to provide veterinary care and dog supplies to new nonprofit senior dog rescues.

This year, Saving Dogs Week is partnering with the New York Dog Film Festival for its 2021 campaign. A portion of every ticket sold across the country will benefit all participating Saving Senior Dogs Week rescues. The festival kicks off on October 24, kicking off Saving Senior Dogs Week, but, of course, life-saving rescues and adoptions take place every 52 weeks of the year, as does support for the festival at their work.

“Senior dogs are great companions. They teach us the importance of gratitude and resilience in the face of difficult times, which is more important than ever now, ”said Mayn. “Seeing senior dogs bounce back when they receive love, nutrition and medical care is honestly the best reward I can ask for and something that I hope everyone can experience.”