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Recent actions by law enforcement agencies in northeast Michigan. This has only been changed slightly.


Updated August 9

Total: 72

Alarms: 1

Animal control: 6

Road stops: 0

OWI Arrests: 1

Drug-related arrests: 0

Arrest warrants: 0

Arrest on complaint: 1

Animal / vehicle accidents: 1

Disputes: 3

Lewiston EMS: 8

Lewiston fire: 1

EMS Tri-Township: 6

Fire in the three cantons: 0

EMS Hillman: 7

Hillman Fire: 0

Vienna Fire: 0

SGE Canada Creek: 0

Canada Creek Fire: 0


August 2nd

3:43 am: MPs responded to a residential burglary alarm in Loud township; the house turned out to be safe. Officers acquitted without incident.

10:28 p.m .: MPs responded to a family dispute in Briley Township. A 40-year-old man was arrested and transported to Alpena County Jail where he was held.

August 4

10:18 p.m.: During a routine patrol, an assistant called a traffic stop in Hillman Township. The driver was found to be driving without insurance and was cited for this as well as reckless driving. Authorized assistant without incident.

5 August

6:58 pm: A call arrived indicating that a subject and her husband got lost in the township of Montmorency while they were trying to go observe elk; the expedition helped guide them to M-33 North.

10:23 p.m .: MPs responded to a boat incident in Albert township; the boatmaster had struck another boat which was docked. The driver was found intoxicated and arrested for OWI while boating and accommodated at Alpena County Jail. Officers acquitted without incident.

August 6

2:14 am: An assistant responded to an incident in the village of Hillman in Emerick Park; the investigation is ongoing.

6:15 p.m .: a stolen street sign in Briley Township was reported to the expedition; the Roads Commission has been notified.

8:54 PM: A call arrived at the dispatch center reporting a deer vehicle accident on Pleasant Valley Rd. In Hillman Township; the party involved was not injured. The dispatch and an officer took the report.

August 7

5:53 p.m. A call came in asking an assistant to pick up a stray dog ​​in Albert Township. The dog was taken to the Elk Country Animal Shelter.

August 8

1:52 a.m .: MPs responded to a family dispute in Briley Township; it was a verbal argument, the parties were separated for the night. Deputies cleared without incident.

6:58 p.m.: a request for a welfare check for a resident of Briley Township arrived for dispatch; the subject turned out well.

8:21 p.m .: A dog was found in Briley Township on the M-32 and brought to MCSO. The dog was taken to the Elk County Animal Shelter.

9:12 pm: A resident of Hillman Township floated a boat to her property; The owner has been found and notified.

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