Puppy named Ruby injured in North Philadelphia shooting finds forever home – NBC10 Philadelphia

Just a month ago, Ruby, a four-month-old Pitbull mix, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in North Philadelphia.

At the time of the incident, the pup’s former owner was trying to sell Ruby to another Warnock Street man. When the shooter opened fire, Ruby was shot in the neck.

She was found and taken to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital.

Stefanie Cucinotta of Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary told NBC10 the bullet missed her arteries, trachea and spine. The non-profit animal rescue and welfare organization initially took responsibility for the pup.

“She was really, really lucky,” Cucinotta said.

Ruby spent weeks at the vet, and after numerous blood transfusions and surgeries, she found a home.

Blaise Lacca says he saw the pictures of the pup after the operation and his heart melted. Lacca adopted Ruby and gave the pup a fresh start.

“If you told me she got shot and I didn’t know it, I wouldn’t have believed you. There’s no way,” Lacca tells us. From Ruby’s behavior, you would never know she had suffered such trauma after her. incredible recovery.

“I thought she would be a little slow, walking like she had some kind of injury or limp…nothing.”

Young Ruby seems happy and is certainly looking forward to starting this new chapter in her life.