Rabbits and ducks killed in animal rescue center

File photo of rabbits for adoption at the SPCA. Photo / Babiche Martens

Police and the SPCA are investigating what has been called the “brutal slaughter” of 11 rabbits and ducks at an animal shelter in Dairy Flat, Auckland.

Pixies Animal Rescue founder Charmain Wolmarans said the rescued animals were killed overnight after a break-in, leaving staff and animals in shock and distress.

SPCA National Inspection Director Alan Wilson said the animals appeared to have been deliberately killed.

“We are shocked and dismayed by this incident, and condemn any senseless act of violence against helpless animals,” he said.

Police have confirmed the burglary and said no arrests had been made but investigations are continuing.

Wolmarans calls on anyone with information to pass it on to the police or the SPCA.

In a Facebook post this morning, she said the shelter needed help getting the animals to safety in case there were further attacks. They will not take new animals until the situation is more stable.

Originally from South Africa, Wolmarans created Pixies in 2012 in memory of his daughter who died in a traffic accident at the age of 18.

Animal rescue takes care of nearly 400 animals each year.

“We pray for the safe passage over the Rainbow Bridge of the 11 animals that were brutally slaughtered and we pray that their suffering during the attack will be short,” Wolmarans said in his post.

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