Sacramento dog’s constant smile is due to facial disorder

One of California’s countless shelter dogs has become a social media hit for a really strange reason – he just keeps smiling.

The dog, named Jasper, lives at Sacramento Front Street Animal Shelter, where authorities determined that her alluring smile was in fact due to a medical condition.

“He looks happy on the outside, but that’s not how he feels”, the refuge wrote on Facebook on Tuesday. “Jasper has an unknown disease that affects his facial nerves, causing them to fall back on a constant smile. Unfortunately, this is uncomfortable for him and causes a lot of contractions. “

Jasper’s story came to light when the shelter featured him in a video that racked up 14,000 views and 1,300 reactions over the past day.

Complete strangers have declared their love for her “cute baby face”, while others have multiplied the offers to help pay for his treatments. Some suggest it should start with Botox injections.

Officials at the shelter told CBS13 station that they suspected the “Eight pound chihuahua mix” suffers from a neurological disease that could cost more than $ 4,000 to treat.

The same condition also makes its ears prick up, the station said.

Fundraising is underway to raise money for Jasper’s medical care, some of which is to be used to treat kidney problems, officials said.

“Right now, we are working to get him to have an MRI and other tests to understand what might be going on and develop a treatment plan from there,” the refuge wrote.

“We intend to try and give him a happy life, but the tests and treatment will be very expensive. … We also hope to find a home for this nice boy.

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