San Antonio girl aims to raise money for local animal rescue through her lemonade stand

SAN ANTONIO – A 10-year-old girl from San Antonio seeks to help local pets find their forever homes. So she sets up a lemonade stand.

Sofia Ortiz will have her stand, called “Animals’ Saving Lemonade”, set up in the main square, in front of San Fernando Cathedral, from 11 am to 3 pm, Sunday.

A portion of the proceeds will go to San Antonio Pets Alive !, a local animal shelter, to help pets be adopted and find their forever homes.

Sofia was inspired after raising two kittens, which are part of San Antonio Pets Alive! program. She seeks to send them to their new permanent family and new home, her family says.

“Sofia has compassion for animals and loves helping them in any way she can,” her father, Schervy Ortiz, said in a statement. “Sofia’s kindness, love and care for animals was inspired by making delicious lemonade.”

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The mission of the animal shelter is “to provide the programs and services necessary to eliminate the slaughter of animals at risk due to lack of space, adopters or foster families,” according to its website.

This is not the first time that Sofia has sold lemonade to help an organization in need. According to her family, she had a different lemonade stand name in 2019.

Sofia donated part of the proceeds to the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul San Antonio.

Her father says she “can’t wait to help the needy one lemonade at a time.”

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