Social Welfare Council condemns local organizations for breaking animal birth control rules | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Finally acting against the increase in the stray dog ​​population in the city, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has called on local authorities to take urgent action in this matter.
The board took action following a complaint from local activist Ankita Shah, in which she pointed out that the 2001 rules on birth control of animals (dogs) were not being implemented in Nagpur. The activist said it was also a violation of Supreme Court guidelines.
Following his complaint, AWBI recently wrote a letter to the director of breeding at Nagpur, as well as the commissioner of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the collector. The council asked local agencies to ensure the formation of an oversight committee, which will be responsible for planning and managing the dog control program according to standards.
“Local bodies should inform the board of directors if said committee is formed and meets at least once a month to assess progress in the sterilization program,” the board said, adding that the ABC should be carried out in a scientific manner in accordance with prescribed guidelines. .
TOI has repeatedly reported an increasing threat due to the increase in the wandering population in the city. This not only leads to cases of dog bites and attacks, but also to mass murders of stray dogs. Recently, residents of two upscale societies had killed stray dogs in their locality.
Activists blamed the incidents on the failure of an effective ABC program in the city. In his complaint, Shah referred to AWBI’s instructions from February this year, which stated that even animal welfare organizations must obtain separate authorization to conduct ABC operations.
“Many registered organizations also do not have sufficient infrastructure and expertise for these operations. Various organizations involved in CBA after winning tenders from local organizations are inflicting cruelty on the stray. Therefore, the board of directors will check all aspects before giving an organization permission to perform ABC transactions, ”the circular said.
TOI tried to contact NMC officials to find out if an organization was organizing the ABC in the city, but could not get a response.