State tells county ‘great job’ on new animal shelter

The first report from state animal welfare inspectors praises the work done by Guilford County staff, designers and builders on the new Guilford County Animal Shelter that opened in late last year at 980 Guilford College Road in Greensboro.

The expensive new facility – with the lofty, longer name of ‘Guilford County Animal Resource Center’ – was built to replace the now closed dilapidated shelter on West Wendover Avenue that was, seven years ago, the site of gruesome treatments for animals and multiple violations of state animal cruelty laws.

The former service provider’s mismanagement of the county animal shelter led to a massive scandal in 2015 that resulted in the largest animal cruelty fine in North Carolina history. However, now that the Guilford County government has taken over shelter operations, hired new manager Jorge Ortega, and funded a brand new shelter, the state’s stance toward Guilford County animal operations has made an eighty .

A comment from the Animal Resource Center’s first public inspection compliments the design and build quality of the shelter.

“Everyone involved in the construction of this facility has done an excellent job,” the inspector wrote in the report based on a review conducted as soon as the shelter opened.

The report added that “all areas are compliant”.

He also notes that the shelter has many animal-friendly features, such as the fact that the outdoor areas of the kennel are surrounded by a perimeter fence that allows dogs to play in groups of four or fewer in the play areas without having to need monitoring.

Despite the overall praise, there were a few areas of concern. There were concerns about “the possibility of the sun being too hot on the cats in the stray cat area on the end enclosures” and there was also a spot in the building where inspectors feared a conspiracy escape by cats can succeed.

Now that the facility is occupied, another inspection will take place that will provide important information about staff operations and how well the facility is functioning with the animals inside.