Sullivan County Animal Shelter Holds Jailbreak Adoption Event

The Sullivan County Animal Shelter invites the public on an escape; the shelter, in partnership with the Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, is hosting a pet adoption event Saturday at the historic Old Sheriff’s Home and Jail.

The community can attend this event to learn about the historic former Sheriff’s House, now home to the Heritage Visitor Information Center, and meet animals in need of a loving family. This adoption event takes place at the Heritage Visitor Information Center in downtown Blountville on Saturday, 3/19, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Information directly from the refuge and the Tourist Office: “Jail Break! The Department of Archives and Tourism is proud to partner with The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County, a county non-profit entity. The animal shelter will host an event at the historic “Old Sheriff’s Home and Jail” this Saturday. Please consider adopting a pet, learn about the various services offered by the Sullivan County Animal Shelter, and as always, donations are welcome. The goal is to ensure a large home for the wonderful cats and dogs currently at the shelter. We believe the Visitor Information Center provides a highly visible place of adoption. During your visit, enjoy the exhibits in the Visitor Information Center. Your Sullivan County history is exposed!

(Image: Sullivan County Animal Shelter)