Talented Albany Artist Lexi Hannah Creates Custom Artwork for Several New York Companies

Lexi Hannah

ALBANY, NY, USA, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lexi Hannah is a full-time New York artist based in Albany, NY, specializing in murals, paintings, illustration and design. She recently did a very large mural for the Upstate Canine Academy, which is owned by famous dog trainer and popular YouTube personality, Tom Davis. She has global experience as an artist working on projects for communities and individuals in countries such as Italy, Ecuador and Peru.

Hannah’s works represent a way of being light based on an appreciation of all the things that connect us. Her work focuses on what she finds joyful, fun and even silly, because that’s what brings her peace in the most tumultuous moments.

Lexi Hannah enjoys an expressive and free artistic process that contrasts with her preparatory underpaintings and original sketches in which she is more controlled and exact. During the painting process, Hannah loses herself in her work while maintaining a completely present state of mind. She views painting as a form of meditation due to the use of mindfulness in her painting process.

Through her many commissioned works of art, she finds tremendous inspiration and motivation in the creative process of bringing other people’s ideas into the physical world. All of her works are united by a common goal which is “to connect with others through the transfer of my deep appreciation for beauty and the freedom of creative expression”.

She has also created murals and other commissioned artwork for numerous companies in the past two years alone including: Albany Barn, Vegan Bar, Capital Repertory Theatre, The Copper Crow, EcoKids, Forts Ferry Elementary School , Grassroot Givers/Thomas O’Brien Academy. of Science and Technology, Honest Weight Food Co-op, The International School (North Lark), Immersive Van Gogh/Jiggy Puzzles (She painted live for Jiggy Puzzles at the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in New York), Nine Pin Cider , Primo Botanica Chocolate Boutique, Red Robin Song Animal, Sanctuary, Savoy Taproom, SUNY Geneseo and Tacos Diablo.

Hannah’s career exploded in 2016 when she was featured on both Instagram and INSIDER. Since then she has been creating custom artwork for homes, businesses and schools. She recently painted live as one of the painters in the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition in New York. As part of this event, she painted unique puzzles for Jiggy Puzzles, a company that was featured in Shark Tank. These puzzles were then auctioned off to benefit mental health organizations. She also has paintings in the March, April and May 2022 editions of Vanity Fair, with her painting “Heart on Lark” being in the A-list artists section.

In the fall of 2020, Lexi Hannah worked on a mural for the Honest Weight Food Co-op, completing the project in January 2021. The mural took a lot of hard work and dedication as she painted outdoors throughout the winter months during the Covid pandemic. This required her to wear a mask and warm clothes most of the day as she diligently brought the work to life. It took him 30 painting sessions to complete the work and satisfactorily realize the vision of the piece. This vision conveys the message of supporting the desire for social well-being and social justice through inclusion. The artwork says this openly with the words “All are welcome”.

Hannah is a well-studied artist as she holds a degree in Art History which she earned in 2014 from SUNY Geneseo. During her studies, she was able to broaden her artistic horizons by studying at the University of the Arts in Florence. There she studied opera, studio art and art history. This experience resulted in Hannah’s mural in Marradi, a neighboring municipality. She was able to paint this mural while standing at the foot of a mountain range.

Lexi Hannah
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