“The feast of the birds” returns in person

DALTON – People are invited to Indraloka Animal Sanctuary this year for the 9th annual ThanksLiving, which will be held on Saturday, November 6.

This event was virtual last year due to the challenges of the pandemic. But this year, the public can attend in person. They will attend the Bird Festival, during which the chickens and turkeys of the sanctuary will enjoy a plant-based meal of cranberries, raw pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, spinach salad, blueberries. and other delicious healthy treats. This meal is sponsored by the Veterinary Reference and Emergency Center (VREC).

“VREC is proud to sponsor events in our community, especially those that focus on animal care,” said “ThanksLiving is a wonderful event that we are happy to be a part of again this year. We wish Indraloka success now and in the future!

Guests will enjoy a herbal meal prepared by Parlor City Vegan. The menu will begin with appetizers, which include a display of vegan cheeses, an assortment of fresh dips with local vegetables and crackers, and butternut squash arancini. Next, guests will be invited to the buffet-style lunch consisting of maple-cranberry glazed roasted seitan turkey with mushroom sauce, pumpkin curry with basmati rice, macaroni and cheese with truffle and a chickpea salad, quinoa, kale and butternut with curry vinaigrette. There will also be a few different dessert options of assorted seasonal pies and festive cupcakes.

Denovo Creamery will receive homemade vegan ice cream and bubble waffle cones, which will be prepared on site. Flavors will include pumpkin spice, apple chips and cranberry chutney. Vegan coffee, tea and hot chocolate will also be available throughout the day.

Live music, a silent raffle, and children’s activities, such as face painting, will also be on hand.

This annual event is made possible by many other sponsors including A Well Fed World, Toyota of Scranton, VREC, The Wright Center, NadaMoo, Switch4Good and many other generous donors. All sponsored different aspects of the event including: Breakfast Sponsors, Feast for the Birds Sponsors, Gift Box Sponsors and Tour Sponsors.

Indraloka thanks all the sponsors.

“ThanksLiving is our favorite event of the year,” said Indra Lahiri, founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. “It brings so much joy to our staff, our guests and especially our animals. This is the occasion for us to celebrate our gratitude to the animals, the land and to each other. ThanksLiving is a day to celebrate a second chance in life.

Tickets for ThanksLiving can be purchased from the website www.indraloka.org or by calling 570-763-2908.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary offers 90-minute public and private tours. You will be able to meet the animals and hear their stories. Two of the more recent rescues are turkeys named Mongo and Dahlia. They were homeless when the family who raised them suffered a tragedy.

“Mongo quickly established himself as the supervisor of all tours and events,” said Indra. “He meets guests at the gate of the bird village and insists that for every pet that others receive, he gets at least two. Dahlia is more reserved, but also loves her human friends.

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