The guinea pig could barely walk because of its long fingernails and a necrotic hole in the belly

Some people shouldn’t have the privilege of owning a pet. The Animal Welfare Society often calls them pet bullies who seem completely unaffected by an animal’s pain and suffering.

This article contains graphic images.

“In our opinion, they are the ones who belong behind bars, not their vulnerable pets who are grinding their teeth and hiding from these bad guys. We recently had the misfortune of meeting an Ottery pet owner who more than fits that description, ”says the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

A 4 year old guinea pig named Popple was neglected so much she could barely walk due to overgrown fingernails and a gaping necrotic hole in her belly.

She was petrified of him and seemed to glare at her tormentor from the safety of the Animal Welfare Society of SA’s nursing assistant’s soft tether, making it one of the most pitiful sights ever. they have seen for a long time.

The tense atmosphere was further compounded by the negative attitude and level of indifference of its owner, who casually ignored the fact that he had caused her so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

“His behavior helped paint a grim picture of his short tortured life which must have ended with mercy as we began the arduous task of compiling our cruelty record against this despicable individual who should never again be allowed to own an animal. companionship ”, concludes the SA Society for Animal Welfare.

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