The papier-mâché creatures come from the creative hands of Bill Mince

by Linda Hubbard September 15, 2022

As evidenced by his gallery of papier-mâché creatures, Menlo Park resident Bill Mince loves to create things.

His first inspiration came a few years ago during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico and a visit to a folk art museum with its wide variety of arts and crafts from all the Mescios.

“I knew my grandchildren were fascinated by dragons,” he recalls. “So when I got home, I Googled ‘how to make papier-mâché dragons’ and found an artist based in Seattle. The green dragon is the result of three months of work.

Later came a feathered serpent. “I stuck real feathers in there,” he says. “Goose feathers that have been dyed.”

Or a more recent trip to Mexico, he visited an animal sanctuary that featured a nine-foot-tall papier-mâché parrot. “It was so cool – that’s why I did the parrot.”

A large giraffe his wife Carol got from a neighbor who lived down the street where she grew up in Menlo Park, inspired Bill to make another giraffe. It is to be sold at auction at A holiday on a high note a fundraiser for the Foothill Auxiliary to the Peninsula Family Service to be held at the Menlo Circus Club later this month.

Bill also enjoys teaching, especially passing on his knowledge to other people. With that in mind, he recorded a video explaining how to make the giraffe and how to make the parrot.

Pictures of Robb Most (c) 2022