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The Board of Works returned a pit bull named Chaos to its owner on Tuesday morning following the resumption of a hearing that began at a special meeting last Friday.

Works committee renews dog bite hearing at special meeting

The incident occurred on August 17 in which Shelbyville Police Officer Curt Schuman responded to a welfare check at Sunset Park. When Shcuman arrived, he found tents set up along the river where the dog Chaos and his owner, Jennifer Mays lived.

Chaos charged Schuman and bit his hand. Schuman had to take paid time off while recovering from his injury, but he’s fine now.

Council found the dog vicious in an initial hearing after the bite in August, at which Mays was not present. There appeared to be an issue with the notification, causing the hearing to resume which began on Friday at a special board meeting.

After an almost two-hour hearing in which council (minus Mayor Tom DeBaun) heard testimony from Schuman, Mays, his attorney, and representatives from Animal Shelter, council continued with the case.

It was determined at Friday’s meeting that Chaos was not as vicious as he was when the council first visited him, as he had warmed up to greet the shelter staff and two board members. He no longer growled or clenched his teeth when board member David Finkel visited him, Finkel said.

The question the board was asked to answer changed from “Is the dog vicious?” to “Does the dog have a suitable living environment?” “

And that was the question of Tuesday’s meeting.

Mays told council on Friday she would be taking Chaos to live with her mother at a location on Wellington Drive. The council continued the matter to give itself and the animal shelter time to do a residency check.

DeBaun (who learned about the matter, having missed Friday’s meeting) pointed out that May’s mother was renting out the property and the owner told her she didn’t want Chaos to live there.

DeBaun also pointed out that Mays had previously been arrested and that criminal cases were pending. Both of these reasons were brought up because the board needed to know what May’s “plan B” would be if Chaos couldn’t live with her.

Mays said his friends and family offered to help him.

This led the board to a decision to hand Chaos over to Mays with a few stipulations. First of all, the dog had to be up to date with all of his vaccines before he could leave the shelter. Then, the refuge would do monthly Chaos reviews to see how it is and what the living environment looks like. And the board gave the shelter the power to seize the animal if it determines the living environment is not suitable or someone calls again to complain about the chaos.

All of this was included in Finkel’s motion, which was seconded by DeBaun. Williams voted against the motion and said he thought the dog was still vicious; The chaos only behaved less viciously towards the animal shelter staff because they had been at the shelter for almost two months, Williams said.

In other cases, the council considered offers for the widening of County Road 300 North and approved the recommendation of Shelbyville Police Chief Mark Weidner to make permanent appointments to SPD staff. .

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