The Saugerties animal shelter is moving

Saugerties City Council is interested in working with the group working to build a new Saugerties Animal Sanctuary, Town Supervisor Fred Costello said during the regular city council. Wednesday, March 16 meeting. “We have made significant progress; they or they [a group of volunteers raising money to build a new shelter] raised about three-quarters to 80 percent of the money needed to build a new shelter. Some of the grant money that we got earlier, it’s important that we try to spend it, he said. Highways Superintendent Ray Mayonne offered his department’s help ahead of the construction season, Costello said, adding the city hopes to begin on this project “early next week”, which would be the week beginning March 21. The work would mainly consist of leveling the site to prepare it for construction vehicles, he said. This will prepare the site for the construction of a well, as well as preparation for sewer waste.

“At some point, hopefully this year, we will prepare a tender document which will be put out to public tender, and hopefully that will come to what we can afford to do. “

“If all goes well, ‘we may be able to celebrate the opening of the facility late next year,'” Costello said.