Trigg Youth delivers over 500 pounds of food to Christian County Animal Shelter

Last month we told you the story of Josh Waufle, 11, of Trigg County, who created an Amazon “wish list” to raise money and supplies for the Animal Shelter in Canada. Christian County.

On Sunday Josh and his family made their delivery which included 288 pounds of dog food, 66 pounds and 160 boxes of cat food, 290 pounds of cat litter, 12 litter boxes, 450 puppy pillows, 96 towels and 72 dog toys, among others. elements.

Josh, who owns four dogs and a cat, said last month he got the idea after seeing a TV commercial.

click to download audioWaufle was also able to see the animal shelter firsthand before COVID-19 hit and saw the animals waiting to be adopted.

click to download audioThe donations also included $ 155 in cash that will help the animal shelter purchase supplies. Waufle said there were a lot of people to thank for making the project a success.

click to download audioShelter manager Irene Grace said she has seen a significant increase in the number of animals brought to the shelter in recent months, especially cats.

click to download audioIn addition to the help Josh Waufle has given to the shelter, Grace said there are other items people can donate to help when the weather gets colder.

click to download audioThe Christian County Animal Shelter welcomes stray and lost animals from Christian, Trigg and Todd counties.

Josh’s Amazon Wish List

288 lbs of dog food
66 lbs of dry cat food
160 cans of cat food
290 lb cat litter
12 litter boxes
13 litter scoops
450 puppy pads
96 napkins
24 paper towel rolls
72 dog toys
16 pill pouches
8 food dishes
6 shampoo bottles
6 blankets
2 frisbees
2 tennis balls
1 tide bottle
1 bottle of bleach
PLUS: $ 155.00 in cash

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