Triple H Horse Rescue hosts annual Flots with Goats fundraiser

Animal Rescue in Mandan hosted a fundraiser today to support their efforts to save animals in need.

“I think the rescue is something that needs to be done more. I think animals deserve a chance to lead happier lives and the rescue gives them that opportunity, ”said Kaitlyn Beyer, Mandan.

For the third year in a row, The Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue and Kitty City hosted “Floats with Goats”, a fundraiser for their animal rescue efforts.

Dozens of people came to play games, learn about the animals and enjoy the root beer tanks.

The shelter saves cats, horses, goats, chickens and other animals, many of whom are disabled and have special needs, by providing them with a safe home.

“It’s a labor-intensive type of rescue situation here, but it’s a labor of love. We love to do it and we know that HHH is what we stand for, ”said Triple H Horse Rescue Executive Director Alison Smith.

Since the animal rescue began 14 years ago, they have saved more than 600 horses. The money collected covers the costs of taking care of the animals.

“Our vet bills run into the thousands and thousands of dollars,” Smith said.

Rita Irmen drove from Minot to be part of the cause and is a big supporter of animal rescues. She saved her pet cat 19 years ago.

“I call him my street rat because he came to my door and I already had 2 and I said no I can’t. I put some water on him, then some food, ”Irmen said.

This is the first time that Irmen has witnessed the chariots with goats.

“I thank Alison for all of her volunteers and what they are doing here and I am glad I had the chance to come and see it for myself,” said Irmen.

The rescue is currently caring for 52 animals.

Smith says she hopes to invest some of the funds in heating costs to keep cats warm in the winter.