Two blind horses become “buddies” at the animal shelter

Last year, Catskill Wildlife Sanctuary rescued Buddy, a blind horse who was about to be euthanized. The team introduced Buddy to another geriatric blind horse at the sanctuary named Buddy and they quickly became friends. Videos of their friendship have since garnered millions of views on TikTok.


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The Buddy who was already at the sanctuary arrived in 2007 after losing his sight. He is 35 years old and suffers from a condition called uveitis, which makes UV rays painful. Catskill decided to have her eyes removed a few years later to ease her pain. Staff clean their eye sockets twice a year.

“Horse eye sockets are very large, so any skin left on top would be susceptible to injury or puncture. We don’t cover them ourselves because Buddy is perfect the way he is and covering them would really be more for humans than for him, Catskill says in the video.

The new Buddy has also gone blind from uveitis. He is 31 years old and the sanctuary may also decide to remove his eyes, depending on the pain he is experiencing.


New Rescue: Buddy The Blind Horse (full story on our IG) #foreverhome #vegantok

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“Buddys don’t need a sighted companion as they know their field very well and are fed and watered in the same place every day. They almost never run into each other’s fences, though they do occasionally run into each other.

Kathy Stevens and the Catskill team have been providing refuge for blind horses for over 20 years. They use verbal cues (“up” and “down”) and will pat the ground in front of horses to help them navigate their surroundings. Both horses are shining examples of the possibility of living a rich life, even in the face of sight loss.

To learn more about Catskill Animal Sanctuary, click here.

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