Utahns and Salt Lake County Animal Services Help Animals Ravaged by Hurricane Ida in New Orleans

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – The Utahns lend a hand in Louisiana to the regions hardest hit by Hurricane Ida.

Salt Lake County Animal Services (SLCoAS) traveled to New Orleans to answer animal control calls, provide care for shelter animals, and help reunite lost animals with their owners.

“Salt Lake County is honored to help the people and pets of New Orleans in their work to rebuild and return to normal daily life,” said Mayor Jenny Wilson of Salt Lake County. “Not only do we want to help others, but it’s also an opportunity to help build relationships outside of our state, if ever we are in need after a disaster in our community.”

Salt Lake County has partnered with the Louisiana SPCA for this effort. Louisiana SPCA officials say they are understaffed due to the pandemic and animal control vehicles destroyed by Hurricane Ida. In the New Orleans area, officials say there are only two animal control officers to help manage the thousands of calls they receive each day.

“It means to us that the whole world recognizes that our neighbors still need help in New Orleans,” said Rebecca Melanson, director of communications, Louisiana SPCA. “The world has changed, but we haven’t. The residents of these parishes still live at “Ground Zero”, the animal shelter is at full capacity and our staff have not had the opportunity to take the time to relax after the disaster. “

The Salt Lake County team arrived on October 15 and will return home on October 23. The Emergency Relief Fund can do it here.

The funds will be used to help animal rescue efforts in Salt Lake County and other areas.