Wake County Animal Shelter needs foster families as facility reaches capacity

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – With restless tails and hopeful faces, the animals at Wake County Animal Center are waiting for someone to bring them home.

But right now, Wake County Animal Services has more pets available than people to adopt them.

Animal services director Dr Jennifer Federico said there were around 100 animals for adoption at the center and 180 more in foster homes.

Some arrive as stray dogs, but many are owner abandonments.

“We need our adoptions to keep pace with admission or it just doesn’t work with the space on our floor,” Federico noted. “We haven’t had to euthanize for space in years, which is why we’re a little concerned.

“We just need people to adopt or volunteers to welcome. We desperately need foster families for dogs, ”she added.

If people plan to abandon their pets at the shelter and can plan ahead, she asks people to wait until the shelter isn’t as full.

If you’re adopting, Federico said it’s important to make sure you choose a pet that is truly right for your family.

“Look at your lifestyle. Look at the lifestyle of your family, make sure that you can take care of this pet. If you don’t want to commit to 10-12 years, maybe taking the young dog isn’t for you. Maybe you have a slower lifestyle and this 8 year old dog who is going to become a couch potato will suit you better, ”she said.

She wants to make sure that when the animals are reunited with their families, they will return home for good.

To see the animals currently available, Click here.