Warwickshire Animal Rescue Sanctuary is appealing for donations after dry weather left it at ‘crisis point’

FARS fields in Wolverton have dried up due to lack of rain recently, meaning the animal rescue sanctuary has had to place additional orders for hay to feed some of its animals. The shrine said it had reached a “crisis point” and is appealing for donations. Picture provided.

A Warwickshire farm animal sanctuary says it is reaching a ‘crisis point’ due to dry weather which means there is no grass for the animals to eat.

The Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary (FARS) in Wolverton is home to some 450 farm animals, from sheep and pigs to chickens and rabbits.

But due to little rainfall in the previous months, the 60 acres of land became dry and dusty, meaning the sanctuary was forced to supplement fresh grass for hay.

The fields where sheep graze at FARS in Wolverton have dried up and the animal rescue sanctuary says it is now ‘at crisis point’. Photo submitted.

He had to almost double his hay order to 40 bales a week, which is around £1,200.

This adds to many hardships for the charity which has been hit by food shortages, broken equipment and Covid cases, adding to the financial toll of the pandemic. During the heat wave he also had to install fans in the barn, buy cool jackets for some of the older animals, volunteers and staff worked overtime to douse the sheep with cool water. Carole Webb, 78, who founded FARS around 30 years ago, said: “The heat turned our fields brown and dusty within weeks. “We have never experienced the land so dry and with over 400 rescued sheep to feed it is becoming a terrible worry. We just don’t have the funds to supplement fresh grass for hay.

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The charity is now appealing for donations to help feed the animals. Carole added, “Every donation, no matter how small, will go a long way and make a difference in the lives of our rescued yarn workers.” Visit www.farmanimalrescuesanctuary. co.uk/ways-to-help to donate or find out more.