Washington County Animal Shelter Raises Money With Garage Sale | WJHL

JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (WJHL) – After a busy summer, the Washington County / Johnson City Animal Shelter is hoping to raise money for daily operations with a garage sale.

The shelter has made several changes over the past month, launching appeals for donations and adoptions, as the shelter cares for 102 dogs and more than 240 cats.

He even reduced the opening hours of the adoption center due to staff issues. Director Tammy Davis hopes the funds from this sale will allay some of their concerns.

“Everything we need here in the shelter,” said Davis. “Some can be for the medical needs of the animals, help us buy vaccines for the animals, and then just the supplies we need. “

The garage sale depends on donations from the community. Davis said they received such support that they had to stop accepting items for sale sooner. They have five storage units full of items ready to be sold.

“We have a lot of artwork, a lot of images, a lot of food – anything you could want,” Davis said. “I joke that we have enough furniture and objects to furnish three houses. “

Originally scheduled for Saturday September 18, the fundraiser was postponed to Saturday September 25 due to rain issues. It will be held at the Animal Shelter at 3411 N. Roan St. in Johnson City from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The shelter is looking for volunteers to come on the Saturday before the event to help with the installation. They ask volunteers to come on Saturday between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

The shelter always accepts donations of cleaning supplies and food for any animals they need to care for, for more information Click here.

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