Washtenaw County Animal Shelter fills up as fewer people want dogs

A sharp decline in dog adoptions in Washtenaw County is beginning to weigh on space needs in the Huron Valley Humane Society.

Like many shelters across the state, the local Humane Society is seeing a crunch in the space available for keeping animals as they take longer and longer to adopt.

At the Ann Arbor-based facility, they’ve seen an unusual trend develop since the start of the year. This trend, according to the spokesperson for Huron Valley Wendy Welschis that fewer and fewer people are looking to adopt dogs and more are looking for cats.

Interest in dogs and even puppy adoptions, she says, has dropped by the hundreds from previous years.

“But the problem right now is adoption, and we’re having trouble finding people to adopt.”

Welch says she can only speculate as to why there is an increase in cat adoptions and a significant drop in dog adoptions. Perhaps, she says, some perceive dog care to be more expensive in this time of inflation.

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