When you adopt 1 animal from a shelter, you save 2 lives | Pets

How does this work? Is it magic? Some sort of weird Harry Potter witchcraft?

No, it is quite simple.

In animal shelters across the country, there are usually more animals than you see on the adoption floor. There are animals in what is often called a “holding area”. These are animals that have recently been stray, abandoned, seized in a welfare case, or are simply not ready for adoption for a number of reasons.

When someone arrives at the Midlands Humane Society looking for a new pet, they are currently greeted by around 40 cats and 20 dogs on our adopted floor. These numbers can vary depending on the time of year, especially if it is kitten season when the number of cats available can reach over 60 animals on the adoption floor.

These pets come in a range of colors, ages, genders, breeds, personalities, and behavioral traits. When one of these great pets is adopted, another pet takes its place on the adoption floor. It’s like a revolving door. This is why adoption is so important and something to be taken very seriously.

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If it weren’t for the amazing people coming to see what we have and choosing to adopt, there would be a huge backlog of pets waiting for their chance to be seen, which could then translate into by seeking their forever home.

The Midlands Humane Society recently concluded our participation in the Bissell Pet Foundation’s Holiday Hope ‘Empty Shelters’ adoption event.

Cathy Bissell shared the following on her Facebook page: “It’s amazing, last week the BISSELL Pet Foundation hosted our most successful Empty the Shelters adoption event in our foundation’s history. More than 15,294 pets were adopted over a two-week period, at 245 shelters in 45 states. The BISSELL Pet Foundation’s Empty the Shelters event is the largest funded adoption event in the country. It’s a victory for families, a victory for pets and a victory for shelters. A program that promotes ADOPTION. Pets are vaccinated and sterilized, saving pet adopters around $ 250, with BPF covering (a large portion of) their cost of adoption. Most importantly, these adopters save a life.

Each of the adoptions of these animals has freed a kennel for another animal to receive the gift of its life. Let it in … thanks to this event, 15,000 other pets now have the chance to live happily ever after. It is happening across the country and MHS is proud to be a partner in this life-saving work.

Last December, 150 MHS animals found new homes. It works like a snowball effect. That means 150 more animals are now in the public eye waiting for their chance for a couch, yard, ride, car ride, sunny windowsill … a new family. Hope you see how important animal adoption is. Imagine a world without animal shelters, without human societies and without rescue.

Where would all these animals go? Where could thousands of people go to see such a variety of pets in one place with reasonable adoption fees, where the animals are already modified, vaccinated, tested for certain diseases and microchipped? Where would the community go to immerse themselves in such an environment? and one so easy to access?

That’s a good question, and frankly one that tightens my throat as I think, “What if we don’t have an animal shelter?” Fortunately, we do, and 15 years ago so many kind people wanted better for the animals in our area, as well as its residents and voila – the idea behind Midlands Humane Society was born.

Arlo is an energetic 3 year old boy who was recently adopted back because he was too protective of his family. He will need an adopter who can work with him to learn to accept new people into his circle of trust. He is very intelligent and affectionate with people he knows and an active household who can keep his mind stimulated as well as some experience of the breed would be a plus.

Read is a 3-year-old sterilized short-haired domestic female who arrived at the MHS at the end of June. Lily is more of an independent cat as she doesn’t really care about being too held up but can be very affectionate and cuddly in her spare time.

Jersey is a sensitive girl with a lot of personality when she feels safe and comfortable. She is 2 years old and ready to be part of a quiet house. She doesn’t get along well with young children as they make her nervous, so she would do better with an adult-only house or older children. She knows a few basic commands, is motivated and enjoys showing off her tricks.

Jade Gray is a mix of 3 year old sterilized female mastiff. She is an energetic girl who loves to play. She would like an adopter who can help her work on her obedience and manners. Visit these great pets or one of their friends. You can see who is available at midlandshumanesociety.org/adopt.