Why Fantastic Beasts’ Newt Scamander Was Expelled From Hogwarts

In the fantastic beasts franchise, Newt Scamander was the story’s focal point in his adventures as a Magizoologist, but his life took an unexpected turn as he was drawn into a harrowing secret war between the forces of Dumbledore and the nefarious radicals who composed the army of Grindelwald; however, Newt’s complicated personal life did not begin in his adult life. Instead, it started much earlier with events that led to his expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but the circumstances of his expulsion weren’t as cut and dried as they seemed.

One of the biggest constants in Newt’s life has been his love of magical creatures. Unfortunately, this adoration for animals that couldn’t speak for themselves got him into messy situations before he even found his way to New York. Although his story has never been expertly shown, there have been explanations that he carried a magical beast that endangered the lives of Hogwarts students, but the question for many fans of the films to know what animal he had has never been explored, but The Case of the Beasts: Explore Fantastic Beasts Movie Magic and Where to Find Them provided some answers to these burning questions.

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According to the text, Newt was kicked out because of his possession of a Jarvey, which was both illegal and a violation of Animal Welfare Laws 101/304. In the wizarding world, the Jarvey was a ferret-like creature capable of human speech. However, the words he used were often rude or vulgar and lasted for long periods of time. Additionally, while his diet never included a taste for humans, his methods were often more violent than others when hunting his prey. In short, these creatures are very abrasive but otherwise harmless to humans. As a result, Newt’s expulsion was never allowed, thanks to the intervention of Dumbledore, who probably saw that Newt was dealing with it for noble reasons, and the creature itself was far from a dragon.

While the Jarvey was likely still a major factor in Newt’s expulsion, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: A Magical Movie Handbook revealed that there may be more to his discipline. Leta Lestrange was a childhood friend of Newt and carried her own demons even at a young age. However, she never let this deter her from her friend or her interest in magical experiments. It was later revealed that one of his experiments involved Newt’s Jarvey, which put another student’s life in danger. Rather than give her a chance to confess, Newt took the fall for her.

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Although Newt’s expulsion was recorded, it was never erased, as he was shown with his wand intact. At Hogwarts, the expulsion often included a wizard’s or witch’s wand being broken in half, like what happened with Hagrid’s. There’s no denying that this was due to Dumbledore’s interjection, but what made Newt’s strange case so poignant was the instructor’s foresight of the young wizard.

Dumbledore probably saw Newt’s kindness, selflessness and heroism and knew he could and should be used for a greater purpose. Her love of animals was invaluable in a world where magizoology didn’t exist, and eradicating that dream would have been a disservice, but even more powerful was her willingness to care for an illegal creature out of kindness and take the fall. for something he obviously didn’t do. Albus saw his moral compass more clearly than most and knew he would make a difference. Fortunately, his decision turned out to be correct, as Newt became Dumbledore’s moral center on more than one occasion.

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